Active Edge

Frequently Asked Questions

Flying over the beach

Why choose Active Edge?

Active Edge is owned by Dean Crosby without doubt one of the most experienced instructors in the UK. He’s a very active pilot and passionate about passing on his knowledge.

We only work with small groups limited to 6 students and pride ourselves on a very personal service.

Small group sizes and Dean’s experience ensures you progress at a fast rate and get the most out of your new sport.

All the equipment is supplied within your course fee (no hidden costs).

Days can be spread out to suit individual needs, e.g. a combination of weekends and midweek.

Active Edge is a BHPA registered school.

Who can learn to fly?

We welcome all students at Active Edge but do suggest that you need to be reasonably fit and healthy and capable of walking up small hills. If you have any health issues, please call us and we can discuss whether this will be any impediment.

Students can train with us from 16 years of age, but under 18’s require parental consent. There is no upper age limit!

Can I fly even though I have a disability?

This will depend on the nature of your disability and we’d be happy to hear from you to discuss whether it will be possible. We will always do our best to train anyone who wants to fly. There may also be financial assistance for some courses available from the BHPA’s Flyability scheme, see

I’m scared of heights. Would I enjoy paragliding?

Many pilots are afraid of heights. Once you complete the theory part of the courses and understand how a glider works and how to stay safe it can make you feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of flying. Also, the training builds up height very gradually; you start running down a slope, staying on the ground, then do small hops, then move a little higher each time you fly.

Is Paragliding safe?

All forms of aviation carry an inherent risk. The key to being safe is to understand the dangers and fly within the limits of the glider and your ability. Whilst you are in the school, you will be given the best equipment and instruction to keep you safe.

The gliders that you will use during training have been designed with safety as the primary driver. They are very stable during launch and in flight.

Learning with Active Edge you will have one of the best and most experienced instructors in the country. Your instructor will not allow you to fly unless the conditions are suitable for your ability. You will be taught according to the BHPA syllabus, ensuring that you cover all the important theory regarding safety in flight as well as progressing through practical training at a pace which is comfortable for you.

Where will we fly?

Our flying sites are in the Yorkshire Dales, mostly around Settle, Ingleton, Hawes and Kettlewell. Where we will fly on any day depends on wind and weather conditions as well as the competence level of the students.

We also offer courses abroad where more consistent weather usually means faster progression through the BHPA syllabus.

What do I need to bring?

You will be spending the day out on the hills so dress appropriately. You will need enough layers to keep warm and some sturdy ankle support footwear such as walking boots. We recommend long sleeves and long trousers.

You may be out for the whole day and sometimes well into the evening in summer. Bring plenty of water, lunch and snacks. Remember sunglasses and sun cream if it's bright!

You also require payment for BHPA membership if you are not already a member. This is £15 for a Funday, please bring cash or for training or annual membership a debit/credit card or cheque is best.

What weather do we need to fly?

We can only let students train when the weather is suitable for their ability. A good flyable day requires a light wind and no rain. Clouds are not a problem; a dull overcast day with light winds can often be better than one in blazing sunshine. Your instructor is very experienced in knowing what conditions are suitable and safe for students.

What happens if the weather is not suitable on my booked day?

We will let you know when you Login to the "Daily Briefing" at 08:15 whether or not the weather is suitable for training. If it is not, then you just rebook for the next available date.

Do I need to be a member of the BHPA?

Active Edge is a BHPA approved school and follow the BHPA training syllabus. The Funday is designed to cover the first few requirements of the Elementary Pilot course. As such, every student trained by Active Edge must be a current member of the BHPA. You can get single day membership for a Funday, or longer membership for those who are enrolled on EP and CP courses. You can buy membership from the instructor on the day of your course. All of this fee goes directly to the BHPA. The membership options are shown on the booking form.

Can I use my own glider?

Active Edge provides all the equipment that students require while they are in the school. The training gliders that we use are very safe and well maintained. If you have your own glider that you wish to use for training, please give us a call with details. The instructor will have to be happy that the glider is suitable for your weight and skill level before you will be allowed to use it for training.

It can be beneficial for students to purchase their own glider before the end of their CP course. This means they get time whilst still in the school environment to get used to their new wing.

Can I buy equipment?

We stock a large selection of Paragliding, Paramotoring and Hang Gliding equipment at our base in Nidderdale. We offer great deals and packages on new and used equipment.

How much does the equipment cost to buy?

When you have completed your Club Pilot course, you will need a Paraglider, harness & helmet, these are the 3 basic items.
As a rough guide new equipment is available from £2500 and used from £800.