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BHPA Registered School

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A typical flight on the first day

Learn to paraglide

Above Simon fell in the UK

There's nothing to beat the excitement and exhilaration of paragliding.

Borne along by nothing other than the wind, an experienced paraglider pilot can remain aloft for hours on end, flying great distances and discovering a vantage point on the world shared only with the birds.

Active Edge Paragliding is a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) registered paragliding school based in the Yorkshire Dales, England, run by one of the most experienced BHPA Senior Paragliding Instructors and multiple British Paragliding Champion pilot, Dean Crosby. He's the only paragliding pilot in the UK to compete at National level in all three soaring disciplines, paragliding, hang gliding and gliding.

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