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A paramotor (powered paraglider)

A Paramotor is a foot launched Powered Paraglider. The small lightweight engine drives a propeller; the unit is strapped to your back with a harness that allows you to fly beneath a standard paragliding wing. It's the cheapest form of powered flying, allowing pilots to take off from a local flat field rather than an expensive and unnecessary airfield. Once airborne the paramotor can be used to motor along and watch the world go by beneath you, or if conditions permit soar in thermal lift to make long cross country flights. The motor can be stopped and restarted in flight; most have electric starters, enabling the pilot to adapt his or her flight to the prevailing conditions. With the Paramotor unit disconnected before take-off, the wing becomes just another paraglider offering the freedom and excitement of engineless flight.

Training costs from £800 to £2000 and the equipment costs from £2000 to £7000+.

Paramotoring is an exhilarating yet simple way to aviate, with minimal training by aviation standards and the right weather it's possible to fly anytime anywhere. They are quickly and easily rigged and de-rigged and once dismantled, can be put in the boot of a small car to travel to the most exciting flying locations.


To fly a Paramotor you will need a certain degree of mental awareness and be reasonably fit. Good co-ordination is a big advantage.

You must learn to become proficient with wing before putting on a Paramotor. For complete beginners you will have to enrol on the Elementary Pilot course. However, the EP course will be tailored specifically towards the BHPA Paramotoring qualification. We concentrate on perfecting the ground handling and doing lots of short flights.

When you’ve gained EP we recommend you continue your training with the Paragliding Club Pilot course once this has been completed adding the power unit is relatively easy. The knowledge gained learning Paragliding first is invaluable as a pilot. We will teach you on our own equipment to CP Paragliding. Thereafter, we recommend the Paramotoring conversion is completed on your own equipment. Once the motor is added you will be trained how to assemble and dissemble the power unit for ease of transportation, starting, throttle control, fuel mixing, maintenance, torque and thrust effects and essential cautions. You will also be instructed in basic principles of flight, meteorology, aviation law and navigation. The price of the CP Power Pilot course includes qualification to Paragliding CP plus conversion to Paramotor CP and a £300 discount* when you buy a new wing and motor.

The BHPA Club Pilot (Power) qualification once gained allows pilots to fly without instructor supervision, providing that he/she keeps within two miles of the take-off point. The BHPA Paramotoring qualifications are the only ratings recognised by a British association. One big advantage is the Third Party Liability cover to £2,000,000.

Active Edge is a BHPA registered Paragliding and Paramotoring School.


Download the BHPA Elementary Pilot Training Guide (PDF)

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