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The film is a perfect introduction to the sport for anyone who wants to find out more about learning to fly paragliders.
In German, it has English subtitles – click on the CC logo on the frame in YouTube to make the subtitles appear.

A typical flight on the first day

Learn to Fly in the UK

Learning in the UK


The Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas have some of the best Paragliding sites in the UK. The rolling hills and open moors provide gentle slopes and unobstructed landscapes for teaching beginners, while long ridges and beautiful countryside provide the perfect setting for soaring and cross country flight. There’s something surreal about flying over this green and stunning landscape; a privilege that so few experience.

Active Edge uses many of their own un-crowded sites as well as some of the local Paragliding club sites. These are carefully selected to provide a high level of safety, accessibility and space in which to train. We operate in the Yorkshire Dales seven days a week. Most of our sites are around the Settle/Ingleton area allowing easy access from the north of England and Scottish borders.

We teach in small groups of 2-6 students and pride ourselves on tailoring our training programmes to meet the individual needs of our student pilots. The courses are very flexible and this allows students to progress at their own pace, training at times which are convenient for them. Our courses follow the BHPA syllabus, and students will stay in the school until all BHPA requirements are met and the instructor is satisfied that the pilot is competent and knowledgeable enough to fly safely without supervision.

Download our course fact sheet

EPC in the Yorkshire Dales

This course is the first qualification recognised by our association the BHPA and will normally take four or five days depending on the student and weather. You will learn to make pre-flight checks, take off and fly down to a controlled and designated landing. You will gain a sound understanding of the principles of paragliding, reinforced with theory. You will pass a short and simple multiple choice assessment paper as part of your EP course.

CPC in the Yorkshire Dales

This course gets you from EPC to a competent CPC standard in about six to ten days of training, which can be spread out to suit your needs. The Club Pilot Certificate is your license to paraglide, allowing you to fly without the guidance of an instructor. It’s your first step into the world of soaring and cross-country flight.

You will learn to reverse launch, to plan flights and landings and you will become familiar with additional skills and functions of your equipment such as weight shifting, active flying, accelerated flight and simple rapid descent techniques. As part of the course you also complete a number of soaring flights and possibly hilltop landings. Your instructor will ensure that you fulfil all the BHPA syllabus requirements as shown in the course fact sheet and satisfy him/her that you are capable of flying safely without supervision.

Your instructor will also teach you about how your paraglider works, flight theory and safety. There is a short multiple choice assessment paper as part of the CP course.


Download the BHPA Elementary Pilot Training Guide (PDF)

* This price includes a voucher for £300 to purchase new equipment from us, or £150 off selected used equipment.

FUNDAY in the Yorkshire Dales

Want to make sure paragliding is for you before you commit to the Elementary Pilot course?
Want a brilliant gift for someone adventurous?
Do you just want an exhilarating day out to remember for the rest of your life?

Active Edge's Funday is a chance to try out paragliding, to experience free flight as a solo pilot in the safest possible environment, under the instruction of Chief Flying Instructor Dean Crosby.

You will be introduced to the sport and equipment and will then be taught the techniques for take off, basic canopy control and low level flight. By the end of your Funday you will be able to launch from a slope, fly, turn and land the glider under radio instruction. Your first time flying solo is an experience you'll never forget!

The Funday is a great paragliding taster if you're contemplating doing the Elementary Pilot course. If you want to upgrade to EP after your Funday, you can get £75 discount off the Active Edge EP in the Dales or abroad, and you'll already have completed a few of your EP requirements.

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