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Active Edge Paragliding School from Michael Endacott on Vimeo.

A typical flight on the first day

The view from our refuge

September 6, 2012


Well wednesday was a big disappointment, we were in position having climbed up 1500m on the Serra de Cadi. Unfortunately when we arrived before midday there was no thermal activity and despite waiting till 1430, it never improved. The cloud cover filled in quickly and there was nill wind….at 2500m! We started to walk along the top of the ridge, thinking if it improved we could fly. It didn’t. Having spotted a refuge on the map we headed for that. We did get a short down flight in nill wind to lose height getting to the refuge. All in all, not the day we expected, both of really disappointed not to have flown this magnificent ridge. We are still at 2100m and hoping tomorrow is flyable. If not, we plan to fly a top to bottom then back to pounding the roads. We just need one good flyable day…..