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Active Edge Paragliding School from Michael Endacott on Vimeo.

A typical flight on the first day

Long, long day……

September 1, 2012

After leaving Castejon this morning at 0730 (we slept in a field just out of town) we have concentrated on making progress on foot – on tarmac!
We have travelled about 53km, ending up in a small village called Xerallo; which seems to be part of some sort of factory (its dark so we are not sure). We arrived at 2130, to find there is no bar or restaurant. Just as we were consigned to day old bread and sausage, we stumbled on the factory social club where have blagged a bacon roll, pasta and an ice cream.
Once we’ve finished here we spotted a football field which will give us a super flat place to pitch the shelter.
We have been checking forecasts and there is hope for us Tuesday onwards.