Customer Feedback

"After a 6 year gap from flying, returning under Dean's tuition was the right choice."

Due to personal circumstances, I had to take a 6 year gap from flying. Two days after my son's 18th birthday, I was on a hill with Active Edge to show me that I had forgotten rather more than I had remembered! I chose Dean because of his reputation both as a pilot and - more importantly in this case - as an instructor. After a few of these refresher days, many of the PG skills I had (such as they were!) returned and I was happy to free fly largely as I had done half a decade before. Then when Dean told me about the Chile trip, it was pretty much as case of not being able to stop me. Dean had "chosen" a really well matched bunch pilots, so combined with his guiding and Iquique as the destination - the trip was a flyaway success! Thanks and see you in Brazil next year!

Mark Bradley

"My best post-CP paragliding experience yet!"

Two weeks in Iquique with Active Edge and Dean Crosby leading the way has got to be my best post cp paragliding experience yet! We flew twice a day every day! Guided gaggle xc in the mornings from alto hospicio was an great thermalling exercise! Always under the patient, calming but hawkeye supervision of Dean we'd use several thermals to navigate the mountain ridgeline overlooking Iquique city before flying over the city itself to land on the beach just in time for a very tasty and inexpensive lunch at one of the nearby local restaurants. Then, after chilling in the sunshine for an hour or two, later in the afternoons, we'd head off on the short trip to the mountain size sanddunes at Palo Buque where you can fly in magic lift until your hearts content. Perfect for groundhandling, scratching confidence, active flying and manoeuvres practice I had a superb time notching up many hours consistently building my skills and confidence on a daily basis. A day trip via the Atacamara desert to Pisagua topped it off for me! More magic lift in a most beautiful remote coastal site with perfect flying conditions yet again! Oh, not to forget, Flypark accommodation is the perfect post flight place to meet fellow pilots from all over the world. The place has all the cooking and laundry facilities needed to ensure a comfortable but affordable stay. And finally just to say iqq itself is a friendly, vibrant interesting and exciting but inexpensive city with lots to do and places to go.

Graeme Stephenson

"Tally ho Squadron Leader!"

Chile looked like it had it all for increasing my hours (great weather with virtually guaranteed flying every day, which it was) and under the expert tuition of Dean Crosby (with his built in AWAC paraglider monitoring system) l tripled my hours. Dean got me tight thermaling in some dynamic lifts and he gives you the confidence to do it yourself. I was so impressed with Deans instruction and guiding that I am now booked on a two week course in Brazil with him to increase my cross country capabilities.

As a testament to his skills the seven people who attended the same two weeks in Chile are all attending two weeks under his guidance in Brazil in 2016. Tally ho Squadron Leader.

Terry Jackson

"Embrace the Iquique desert!"

So far this year I've achieved more with my paragliding than I ever though was possible only 6 months ago! It all started in Iquique with Deans Active Edge. Under his patient guidance I gained so many new skills (Get him to teach you the magic A's and D's method) and confidence I can't quite believe it. It's transformed my UK flying and I'm able to control the damn thing on the ground and get out doing more flying, in safe but stronger conditions. Prior to Iquique I would normally be on the deck fretting about getting the flapping fabric out of the bag… longer! Iquique is a paragliders dream, it really does appear to be guaranteed flying every day and I wish I'd gone here straight after my CP. It would have shortened my learning curve considerably. I would highly recommend Iquique with Dean for post CP through to skygods!

Chris Lennon

"I had a great week, Dean was an excellent teacher"

I went on the EP course in Spain, to get some guaranteed good flying weather. I had a great week, Dean was an excellent teacher, very patient (even with some of the more demanding members of the group). The area the course is based is stunning and a great Spanish get away even without the flying. I plan on completing my pilot training once I'm home, but the EP course gave me the abilities to be able to do some impulsive flying in New Zealand with another school when i had time.

Matt Yarnall, 26 year old veterinary surgeon, Lancaster

"We had a great time learning to fly with Active Edge in Algodonales"

Jackie and I had a great time learning to fly with Active Edge in Algodonales, Spain and back at home in North Yorkshire - I would recommend doing the trip to Spain as we got a lot more done than we ever could have done at home. Dean is patient, calm and a great confidence giver.

James Harrison, York

"I came back an ecstatic pilot with many new friends"

Anyone thinking of taking this sport up than look no further. I took my EP & CP course in Andalucia with Dean and had the activity holiday of a lifetime. How would I describe Dean? Thoroughly professional, totally committed to the student, and 100% a genuine bloke. I went to Andalucia not knowing anyone and never flown. I came back an ecstatic pilot with many new friends thanks Dean.

Alan Beetham, Hull

"I cannot recommend this school highly enough"

I went on Holiday to Lake Garda in 2006 which coincided with the Paragliding ACRO World Cup. I went to watch and realised I would like to try it. I traveled back to the UK and enquired about who would be the best instructor to take me forward. The BHPA gave me the number for Active Edge and Dean Crosby. I enrolled on his course and so began a wonderful journey. His teaching style is relaxed yet clear and he is able to balance the needs of the student with different techniques of instruction, which is rare in sport aviation. His safe and measured approach never meant I was overstretched in the air and has given me a firm foundation for my enjoyment of the sport. I have nearly 10,000 flying hours covering high performance fighters to airliners and I have 50 hours of paragliding under my belt. Of my favourite 100 hours of flying 50 of them are free flight paragliding. Thanks to Dean I have been able to fly in Montenegro, Spain, Brazil and Nepal and I have been introduced to wonderful new friends. I cannot recommend this school highly enough and Dean's support and friendship will continue to be a particular highlight, wherever I end up flying in the future.

Jon Parker, Leeds

"Dean's knowledge and expertise are well recognised"

The next club night is an XC talk by Dean Crosby from Active Edge Paragliding. Dean visited the PSC two years ago to give a similar talk, which was very popular. It was Dean's talk that inspired me to go XC. His knowledge and expertise are well recognised but Dean also has the ability to present it in an interesting and easily understandable way. This is one club night I would not miss so I look forward to seeing you all there.

Dale Pickard, Chairman of Pennine Soaring Club

"Thank you very much for your hard work"

Thank you very much for your hard work, long hours, patience and wise council.

David Drake, London

"The whole experience has been great and I would recommend the school to anybody"

Learning to fly with Active Edge was probably the most fulfilling and rewarding thing I have ever done. Paragliding gets you out to great places with great people and most importantly…gets you airborne!
Active Edge was my first point of contact when I decided to learn to fly and the school offered support in all aspects of the experience including training, kit purchase and flying holidays.
I took my EP course in Yorkshire on some of the nicest sites in the UK and did my CP course out in Algodonales with consistently flyable weather then purchased a great ex-demo wing…all of which was done through Active Edge.
It was really good to learn and progress in a safe but challenging environment with good locations and equipment and with an instructor that gives a lot of individual advise and ensures that if it is flyable, you will be out flying.
A year after leaving the school and passing my CP I am now competing in the BCC with my Nova Rookie and have done my first XC flights.
The whole experience has been great and I would recommend the school to anybody wanting to get in to or try free flying. Cheers for all your help Dean!!!

Dave Ross, Wiltshire

"Dean Crosby is an excellent instructor forthcoming with knowledge and very calm under the pressure of teaching novice pilots"

Having struggled to complete my EP course due to the English weather I decided that CP training would take place where the weather is considerably kinder to paragliding tuition. After some research in Skywings, finding a slot in the diary and a few phone calls I decided that Active Edge's trip to Algo was the one for me. Admittedly this revolved around the diary more than other factors; however looking back I believe that was fortuitous.
Dean Crosby is an excellent instructor forthcoming with knowledge and very calm under the pressure of teaching novice pilots. Dean's determination to get students in the air, under instruction and practicing CP tasks is second to none. It was a great week, excellent camaraderie with fellow students with CP tasks and written test completed. The paragliding community is very small and I have spoken to Dean a number of times since the CP trip. We have discussed new products as well as flying techniques and Dean has always been very happy to help and learn of my progress.
All in all, an excellent CP course.

Richard Trueman, London