Fundays in the Yorkshire Dales

Want to make sure paragliding is for you before you commit to the Elementary Pilot course?


Want a brilliant gift for someone adventurous?


Do you just want an exhilarating day out to remember for the rest of your life?

Active Edge's Funday is a chance to try out paragliding, experience free flight as a solo pilot in the safest possible environment, under the instruction of Chief Flying Instructor Dean Crosby.

You will be introduced to the sport and equipment and will then be taught the techniques for launching basic canopy control and low-level flight. By the end of your Funday, you will be able to launch from a slope, fly, turn, and land the glider under radio instruction. Your first time flying solo is an experience you'll never forget!

The Funday is a great paragliding taster if you're contemplating doing the Elementary Pilot course. If you want to upgrade to EP after your Funday, you can get a £75 discount off the Active Edge EP in the Dales or abroad, and you'll already have completed a few of your EP requirements.

Cost: £220

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