Advanced Courses

Paraglide in Brazil with Active Edge & XCBrazil

Flying in Brazil

Escape the European winter and hone your flying skills for the forthcoming 2022 XC season

Brazil requires little introduction - quite simply, it's one of the world's premier paragliding destinations. Governador Valadares, Castelo & Baixo Guandu has hosted many top-level competitions, including the 2005 world championships and the 2016 PWC Superfinal. The thermals are smooth, reliable, and user-friendly all the way to a warm cloudbase, over a rolling landscape of green hills and smooth granite outcrops, that extends as far as the eye can see and the pilot can fly. A great place to fine-tune thermalling skills and speed-to-fly technique. It's one of my favourite sites to teach cross-country. Gentle winds, lack of turbulence, and minimum stress allow the pilot to focus on the flying.

Our advanced courses and trips are intended for all pilots who want to practice new skills such as pilotage, thermalling, and XC. All the tours are led by Dean Crosby, who will provide assistance, guidance, and advice on improving your piloting skills. Dean has coached at all levels, from beginners to the British team, and guides all pilots individually at a level that supports their progress.

Whether you're a low airtime post CP pilot looking to fly in a supportive environment or an experienced pilot looking to improve while enjoying the social aspect of a group holiday, we have trips that are perfect for you. Active Edge usually runs trips in conjunction with local schools and guides. This means that we get the best local knowledge, optimising your flying experience, and airtime. Besides, we get insider information on the best bars, restaurants, local activities, and attractions.

If you have a group of pilots and a specific flying destination in mind, we can price and organise a holiday for you, providing Dean as an expert and guide to enhance your experience.


You will be guided and coached by Dean Crosby, CFI of Active Edge, one of the most experienced XC pilots in the UK, and Steve Barton, who lives and flies in Brazil. Dean is a former British Paragliding Champion, twice XC league winner, and has been captain of British Hang-Gliding and Paragliding teams. He has thousands of XC hours flying paragliders, hang-gliders, and sailplanes. Dean was one of the first instructor/guides to run XC courses in Brazil back in 1994. In 2019 Dean holds the current longest finished FAI triangle record in Governador Valadares and the longest straight distance flight in Baxio Guandu.
Concessions available.

2022 XC Season

Tour dates for next year, 2022, will be:

  • 1st Tour (ref 2201) - 14 to 29 Jan
  • 2nd Tour (ref 2202) - 4 to 19 Feb
  • 3rd tour (ref 2203) - 4 to 19 Mar

The spectacular festival of the Brazilian Carnaval will be during the two weeks between the second and third tours, from 25 February to 2 March. Why not combine one of our tours with some partying during Carnaval and have the holiday of a lifetime?


There will be a maximum of 7 pilots on each tour, so please don't leave it too late to confirm your booking. We will be basing the two-week tours in Governador Valadares, world-renowned and considered by many to be one of the best XC paragliding sites on the planet. Whenever the conditions look favourable, we will also visit other well-known sites, such as Castelo, Baixo Guandu, or Alfredo Chaves. We aim to offer some variety, but our priority will always be to maximise the flying time. Have a look at the individual site descriptions to get an idea of some of the places we usually visit.

We will be setting tasks each day, designed to make this more challenging and educational while keeping pilots relatively close to the main roads for safety and ease of retrieval.

Pilots should preferably have a minimum of 20 hours and some thermalling experience. Above all, you must be current with your flying and proficient with both forward and reverse launches.


Please contact Steve Barton if you have any questions or want to see a more detailed prospectus for any tours.