Booking Conditions

We ask that you complete your training within one year. You can continue training after the first year limit but you may be expected to purchase extra days.

Active Edge will not qualify any student until that student reaches the required standard as set by BHPA. We reserve the right to call a halt to training in the interest of a student's safety.

We operate an Online Booking system. The first day of an Elementary Pilot Course (EPC) and Funday is normally held on a Saturday. Once you have completed the first day of the EPC then you can book any day. Prices include training & equipment use.


You have a 7 day, full refund cancellation period after purchasing any of our courses. Due to the nature of our business, once the 7 day cancellation period has expired, there can be no refunds for any reason. If your start date is within 7 days of the purchase, there is no cancellation period. If you are booked on a course during any part of your training and you decide not to attend, you must give us at least 48 hours notice or risk forfeiting that day. Gift vouchers are non-refundable but are valid for a whole year from the date of issue. Sorry, but we must be strict on these points to ensure the continuing survival of our business.

Inclement weather

All our training and experience days are weather dependent. Active Edge and its instructors cannot be held responsible for the fickle nature of the British climate. If you are unfortunate with the weather during your booked dates, we will time credit you the lost day or days for up to 1 year to be taken at your convenience - just keep re-booking the next available date until you get a good weather slot. As with all weather-dependent sports, patience can be required at times but the rewards are vast in comparison. If you are not a patient person, we would politely suggest that weather dependant sports are probably not for you.
Note: No money refunds due to inclement weather are possible on any days booked.

BHPA membership

If you are booked on these courses, you will need to pay for either daily (funday only), 3 months, or annual membership of the BHPA on your start day; Tandem flight is included in the price. We leave this up to you to decide which membership is best for you. Please remember to bring payment with you on the first day of your course, we cannot give credit, and you cannot train without it. Membership prices were below correct in April 2021. Cheques can be made payable to the BHPA for 3 months or Annual membership or even better bring your debit/credit card.

1 day (Funday only) - £20 (cash only)
3 month £75.00 + £25.00 joining fee - total £100.00
Annual £139.00 + £25.00 joining fee - total £164.00


Paragliding is a potentially dangerous sport. If you require personal insurance see


Once you have registered and booked you will need to check the "Daily Briefing" on the website on the morning of your course at 8.15am to determine weather suitability. If the weather is good the "Daily Briefing" will normally ask you to text Dean your name on 07793 678133 to check-in, the "Daily Briefing" will tell you where and when to meet. Normally we meet at Watershed Mill. Langcliffe Road SETTLE BD24 9LR, in the Cafe around the back at 10.15am.

Remember to bring on the day - payment for BHPA membership (included for Tandem), boots with ankle support, food and plenty of drink, warm clothing, thin gloves for hand protection, sunglasses, sun protection. Please note that shorts and short sleeves are not suitable for training.
If you need to arrange accommodation, we recommend for B&B and for camping, quote Active Edge. Alternatively Settle Tourist Information has a wide choice of accommodation. Tel: 01729 825192

We look forward to introducing to you one of the best sports in the world!